How to Avoid Writer’s Procrastination 

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Let me clear what procrastination is at first. It is the avoidance of doing a task that requires to be completed in a certain deadline. It could be an intentional delay of starting and completing a task despite knowing the time limit and deliberating that it might have negative consequences. Well, procrastination can be a problem for many writers and it can become a bad habit that is hard to change and which results in disrupting their writing career. It is not that they don’t like their work or don’t want to work. It is just that they start giving preference to other things which they see as a better alternative than writing.We all know that we all procrastinate sometime or other in our writing career. But you can overcome it and beat the writer’s block by following simple strategies.  

Don’t Wait for the Inspiration 

Many writers say that they wait for the inspiration to come before they start writing anything. If you wait for something to come without any research, you will wait forever. Just sit down and start working on something. It will give you creative ideas to write further. 

Set a Timer 

Set a time for which you will be working in a day to complete your writing. Set a timer for thirty minutes, an hour, or more, and stick to the chair and write till the timer shuts down. Make sure every day you do something productive.  

Set Your Daily Goals 

You can set a goal to complete daily word count or the number of pages. This will help you with reaching your target on time. Make sure you complete your daily goal no matter what work comes in between.   

Develop a Ritual 

Making a work ritual will help your mind moving into work mode. You can set any ritual, and whatever it could be, it is something that you do every day to get yourself ready for the work. After some time, your body and brain will come to know if you are following the ritual, then it is time to get to work. 

Make a Habit 

It is known by everyone that if you make something a habit, you do not have to make much effort to do it.  Make writing your habit and you will stop procrastinating it.  

Have Someone Check Up on You 

Accountability can help you get away from procrastination. Joining a writer’s group or having a friend asking you how much work is completed will help you in progressing.  

 Many things can be the reason for procrastination but the exprts at assignment friend can provide you best assignment help if you are procrastinating in doing the assignment. First, find out the reason why you are procrastinating and then take some steps to resolve the issue. The above points will help you to continue to write your articles and eliminate writer’s block from your life. 



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