How To Get An Excellent Originality Report? 

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Students coming from an academic background, are well aware of the term Turnitin and how it works. Basically, Turnitin is a very popular plagiarism detection websiteMany colleges that offer online programs already have Turnitin incorporated within their online boards; hence, whenever students submit or upload their assignment it automatically goes for plagiarism testing. Many a times it is observed that students with no intention to plagiarise also get an unsatisfactory plagiarism report from TurnitinTo help students avoid such situations below mentioned are some quick tips: 

Tips to avoid false reports generated by different online plagiarism tools 

The online plagiarism checkers sort out all the copied sentences, if any. But many times students do use some phrases or quoted sentences, which the online plagiarism tools highlight as plagiarised data which must not be considered plagiarised. Despite that, the online plagiarism checkers highlight them as plagiarised content. And when these reports are received by professors, they tend to negatively influence the student’s grading system. Below mentioned are some tips to avoid these false reports:  

  1. Convert word document into a PDF File format 

One of the most effective tricks is to convert the entire word document into a PDF file thereby changing the consistent “character maps.” But this trick may not be applicable in cases where the professors strictly ask to submit the papers in word document format only. 

      2. Typing letters instead of spaces between words: 

Another trick that can help students cheat the online plagiarism checker like Turnitin is by inserting letters in place of spaces and mark these words in white font color. For example, My name is Samantha. This is a very time consuming task and may not protect you in case if the professors notice resemblance by themselves. 

       3. Paraphrase every word or translate it into another language: 

Another smart strategy is to copy the entire text and rephrase it. And for those who know any other foreign language, they can explore any good essay and accordingly translate into English. Although it is both time and effort consuming, but still can save your content from getting plagiarized. 

Conclusively, by following all the above mentioned tips, you can partially overcome the problem of plagiarism and accordingly create an excellent originality report.In case if you are adding any phrase, then don’t forget to mention it in quotes. This way you will be able to maintain the originality of your created content and never face plagiarism problems again 

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