Top Writing Submission Mistakes to Avoid


We, as a writer, go through different challenges and difficulties from writing an essay to getting it published. We make various mistakes in our writings and do not check it before submitting it. These mistakes result in publisher rejecting our work. The editors get piles of submission every day and then look for an obvious excuse to reject your submission before reading it completely. Those excuses can be a simple comma or a misspelled word. We understand that you do not want to get rejected just because of such mistakes. You want the editor to at least read what you have written before dumping your work in the rejection pile. With that in mind, you are required to avoid these common mistakes given below when submitting your work. One can get the best writing service at assignment friend with the help of experts

  • Spelling and Grammatical Errors: Whenever you submit an essay, make sure to proofread it so that you will identify any spelling or grammatical errors. You can also use the spell check or grammar check tools to identify the mistakes, but do not fully rely on them.  
  • Submitting Your Work to the Wrong Person: Before submitting your work, confirm to whom you are sharing your work. Figure out exactly who should receive your work and send it directly to that person. Do not involve any third person in between.  
  • Avoid Mass Blind and Mass Submission: Do not choose a group of 40 or 50 people and share your work with them. Whenever you are sharing your work with different people, you will usually write, Dear Sir/Mam, which is not liked by them and they do not want to be a part of a herd. They usually want to know why you choose them to publish your work. They want you to prove that you have done appropriate research about them and their company. Mass submission is impersonal and may give a bad impression of you on the publishers.  
  • Sending Untidy Work: Avoid sending work that is torn, stained, or crumpled. In today’s world, printing and copying is the easiest task; therefore, there is no excuse for submitting the work other than pristine pages.  
  • Failure to Follow the Directions: Do only what the recipient says and no more or less. Make an impression that you are the person who follows the rules and not that who will create problems on every step of the process.  
  • Fail to Attach Contact Details: Make sure you include your contact detail with your work. The recipient is not free to track you down for replying to your writing. Be sure you include your name, phone number, address, or your email address.  

If you want to be judged by your work and not by your mistakes, then make sure you avoid all these errors mentioned above. Be perfect and precise before submitting your work because the editor will start judging you as soon as he opens your envelope 

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