A Detailed Excursion Of The Argumentative Essay Writing

College assignments are an important part of college life, which aims at training the students appropriately for their subject in concern. These assignments range from essays to presentations and depending on the subjects. One type of such assignment is the argumentative essay, which students usually gets in their college curriculum. This is because of the reason that every field has certain debatable topics on which scientists and researchers are always working upon. By giving those topics as argumentative essays, teachers actually wish to introduce students to the research and also helps them develop a viewpoint for the same.

Now let us understand what argumentative essays actually are!!!

An argumentative essay is a research paper that takes a position on a controversial issue and tries to present evidence in favour of that position. It is a genre of writing that requires the student to investigate a topic, collect, generate, and evaluate evidence, and establish a position on the topic in a concise manner. Argumentative essay format assignments generally call for extensive research of literature or previously published material. The outline of the argumentative essay has to be very much accurate so that you do not face any difficulty in writing the essay further. In the following section, we will explain three basic outlines of an argumentative essay. These three outlines can be highly useful for you to complete your essay assignment and score high in your college.

Outline 1

  1. Write the Introduction/ Thesis Statement of your essay
  2. First Body Paragraph: In this, you need to write your first point of the essay well supported by the evidence.
  3. 2nd Body Paragraph: This is the part that will carry your second point of the essay along with the evidence to support it.
  4. 3rd Body Paragraph: Here, you are required to refute the first point of your opposition.
  5. 4th Body Paragraph: Moving further, this section will cover the refutation of the second point of your opposition.
  6. Conclusion: At the end of the essay, you must conclude your essay properly. Also, you should relate it well with the thesis statement so as to give a finishing end to the essay.

Outline 2

  1. The first step remains the same that is to write the introduction. In the introduction of your argumentative essay, you must include the thesis statement, which claims your take of the essay.
  2. Body Paragraph 1: This is the point when you can disprove the first point of your opposition. While countering the opposition’s view, make sure that you put forward valid points and should not just talk about the situation.
  3. Body paragraph 2: Here, you can present the second point of contradiction for your opponent.
  4. Body paragraph 3: Here comes the step to present your first point with its supporting evidence. These points are important to be showcased along with strong and credible facts.
  5. Body Paragraph 4: This step marks the mention of your second point along with the validation point.
  6. Conclusion: This is the final touch to your essay, where you need to simply relate your essay points back to your thesis statement.

Outline 3

  1. Introduction: Introduction is the same in all the outline structures, where students are ought to introduce the topic of the essay. In the introduction part, students are supposed to include the thesis statement of the essay at the beginning of the write-up.
  2. 1st Body Paragraph: In this part of the paper, you need to mention the first point in such a manner that it counters one main point of the opponent.
  3. 2nd Body Paragraph: Similar to the first point, you need to explain your second point by refuting the second main view of your opponent. One important thing in these body paragraphs is that you must not forget to write the evidence that positively stands for your viewpoints.
  4. 3rd Body Paragraph: Moving forward, in this paragraph, you are required to mention your third main point, which again should reflect refutation to your opponents’ view. As the above paragraphs, this should also be well presented with a valuable and valid argument.
  5. Conclusion: The last section of your essay should reflect back on your thesis in a much assertive way. Also, the conclusion should very ardently speak about the points you have already mentioned in your argumentative essay.

Step by Step for Writing an Argumentative Essay

Before starting off, the first and the most important thing, you need to stick to is to maintain concentration levels while drafting it. In fact, it is an interesting task which you can accomplish successfully by following a step by step writing procedure, which has been discussed in the following section for you:

Understanding the Format

The first and foremost step of the procedure is to understand the format of an argumentative essay. It comprises three basic elements, namely, the purpose, methodology and the desired outcome. Precisely, the purpose of an argumentative essay is to explore the different facets of your topic in a detailed manner and then present the readers with your opinion about the issue. Furthermore, to draft a good argumentative essay, you have to adapt yourself to the actual methodology of essay writing. It simply involves introducing the readers with the different facets associated with a topic and then guiding them to the light of a definite conclusion. Moreover, the outcome of an argumentative essay is to convince the readers that your opinion or viewpoint about the issue is valid and righteous. So, make sure to have a definite conclusion of your essay in your mind before commencing with the writing procedure.

Select an Issue to Write On

Selecting an issue to write on’ is the second part of the procedure which you have to follow while writing the essay. Therefore, you need to select something which goes well with the format. As an argumentative essay involves taking a stand on an issue, so it is crucial for you to select a topic that is debatable. Then, make sure to select a topic that intrigues your curiosity. Otherwise, it will get really hard for you to carry on the research and writing work without the element of your interest. Lastly, test the stance of the topic. Having a strong stance means that you have the ability and required evidence to convince the readers that your opinion is rational. You can discuss the arguments with your family and friends to know the stance on the topic.

Structuring of the Argumentative Essay


Firstly, include an appealing title as it is the first thing which the readers come across. So, it is extremely essential for you to formulate the title in such a way that the readers get captivated to read your essay and find out what you have to say. This implies that the title of your essay should be extremely appealing in nature. Along with this, it is also important to formulate the title in a unique and creative manner. This further enhances the strength of your essay title.


An introduction of the argumentative essay is intended to familiarize your readers with the topic by explaining it to them in brief. It is always good to write the introductory paragraph in an interesting, simple yet influential manner by providing all the necessary information in brief.

A thesis statement

After completing the introduction, you have to start working on the thesis statement of your essay. A good thesis statement gives your readers an idea about your views on the topic in a brief manner. It also clearly highlights the importance of your opinions about the topic. To sum up, your thesis statement should give your readers a clear and concise idea of your stand on the topic.

An informative body

The body of your essay includes all the information which you have gathered from your research. It is through the content of the body that you have to make your readers aware of different opinions which are centred on the topic, and then emphasize on what your thoughts for the same are. Also, you have to present different evidence in support of your opinions in the body of your essay. Thus, you should draft the body of your essay in such a way that it helps the readers get familiarised with different aspects of the subject but mainly emphasizes on your viewpoint.

A conclusion

This is the final structural component of your argumentative essay. It involves restating your opinions about the topic of discussion and then persuading your readers that your viewpoint is completely rational and righteous. For this, you have to restate the main points which support your opinions, again in the conclusion.

Embedding the Research Sources and Editing & Proofreading

Once the content is completed, the next step is to validate the information that you have included in the text. Thus, you need to take note of it, that your argumentative essay cannot achieve fulfilment until and unless it is embedded with authentic research sources. Also, make sure to give credit to all the people whose ideas you have used to create the content. After including the references, the next step is to proofread the content and edit if necessary. Read your essay thoroughly and stay watchful of grammatical errors, language errors, and any irrelevant data. While proofreading your argumentative essay, you should also make sure that you have properly cited all research sources.