Formal and Informal Essay Writing

Essay writing is an essential part of an academic career. At every stage of creating an essay, its formatting is a critical process. In essay formatting, you are required to shape the structure and style that you have used to exhibit your ideas. A well-structured paper will help you in adequately making your audience understand your point of view. Students usually write two types of essays, which include both formal and informal. Both the writing styles are correct, but those students who write academic content for them a formal style of writing are appropriate. This type of style is used to express arguments based on facts, evidence, and statistical data. Remember that formal essay writing includes academic essays, scholarship essays, or the admission essay. On the other hand, the informal essay includes shared interests, stimulating facts, or a sense of humor. You can refer the below part to understand the details about both types of essay writing formats that will help you in understanding the difference between both of them easily. 

Informal Writing Style 

Precisely, informal writing is just like articulating yourself or your conversation with someone. It may consist of slang words, interesting facts, broken words, figures of speech, and a sense of humor. It requires you to follow your personal tone as if you are interacting directly with the audience. In informal writing, you can explain the point of view of the first or third person by using words like I or we. You have to address the second person by you or yours. Here you have to use short sentences for explaining the point of view in the argument. This writing style also requires the writer to use contractions and abbreviations in the arguments.  

Formal Writing Style 

Most of the students or researchers follow formal writing styles to make their arguments authentic or valid. Many professionals suggest students not to use a sense of humor in this writing format. They recommend using arguments based on facts, pieces of evidence, valid information, and related examples or phrases. Such a writing style includes long sentences that thoroughly discuss the given topic. You are required to state the main points of the discussion very assuredly and support these main points with arguments. For this, they can take the help of examples, phrases, quotes, and statistical facts. Here you cannot use any type of abbreviations or contractions, as it will make a wrong impression on the reader. In its place, you have to write full spelling. One of the essential things obligatory informal writing style is attaching references or sources. This helps you in validating your content and make it more authentic for the viewers or readers. 

In a nutshell, both the styles serve a different purpose and allow you to explain your viewpoint in a diverse style. You have to be a little careful in choosing the appropriate writing style. Always keep in mind if you are writing for any professional work or academic writing, always choose formal writing style. Or, if you are doing individual communication, then you can use informal writing style.  

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