General Tips To Add A Quote In An Essay

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Quotations, also known as Quotes, are usually used as a piece of evidence in an essay. A writer can easily portray his ideas and knowledge by mentioning some robust shreds of evidence for their argument. And this can be done by stating quotes. A quotation is a collection of words that are spoken by someone other than the original author. IT is generally represented in quotation marks. These are generally illustrated in either single inverted comma (‘ ) or a double one ( ). Usually, single Inverted comma is preferred in Australia as it follows the British style. However, the American Standards support the Double inverted commas. You can use any of the forms, but always remember to be consistent in whatever way you follow. The usage of a quote must be in sync with the remaining content of the essay. It must be able to demonstrate your understanding of the topic of discussion and the reliability of your argument. Moreover, the incorporation of a quote in an essay is dependent on three major factors that are mentioned below along with a brief discussion 

What exactly would you like to quote in your content? 

Whenever you are discussing any idea in a text, always remember that the quote must be in sync with that idea and must be added to develop these ideas further. It should provide an insight into your topic of discussion. Hence it must be related to your topic of discussion.  

Quotations may appear inappropriate if they are merely incorporated in the text in the form of ‘sentence fillers.’ Adding quotes just to make your essay sound more sophisticated will do no good. It must always be in sync with the remaining content of the essay. But that doesn’t mean you avoid using it, as an essay without any quote will not lead to good marks. Therefore it is essential to add a meaningful quotation that is relatable to your essay.  

How much would you like to quote? 

One must always be selective about how much would they like to quote. Usually, it is recommended to add up to 3 quotes per paragraph, but they should not be long enough. One must always remember that Essay is basically your piece of creation; hence it must contain your view points, and quotes must be used as an accessory just to make your essay more attractive.   

How to connect that quote to your Essay? 

You should never add the quotation just as it is mentioned in the book or journal without mentioning it in an inverted comma or quotation mark. Otherwise, it will lead to plagiarism. Always make sure to use the quotation marks along with your quotes.  

Moreover, these quotes must always be interlinked with the remaining content, so as to maintain coherence and readability of the essay. Apart from that, it is also very important to keep proper grammar while incorporating the quotation within the essay. For instance: If the quotation does not end with a full stop, then the full stop must come outside the quotation mark. On the contrary, if the quotation ends with the full stop, then it must be mentioned before the quotation mark.  


Quotation plays a predominant role in any academic content or an essay. But they cannot be merely added for the sake of making the essay more attractive. It is very essential to analyze and understand them first and accordingly check whether it is in sync with the remaining content or not, as using the wrong quotation can change the entire meaning of the sentence. Therefore, one has to be extra cautious while adding it. In a nutshell, the above mentioned tips may help you in incorporating the quotations in any content in a coherent manner.  

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