How Many Paragraphs Must Be Written in An Essay


Every writer very well knows that there is no stable rule for writing a number of paragraphs in an essay. But it is also known that there must be a minimum of three paragraphs in every essay. Many people say that there should be five paragraphs, but it is an enormously limiting rule. Unless you are not asked to write five paragraphs, do not stick to that. There are three main paragraphs that are written in an essay. Firstly, you will introduce your topic to your readers. Then you will write the body paragraph, in which you will discuss about your topic in more detail. At last, write the conclusive paragraph, which will tell your readers what you have written in your body paragraph and what facts have you included in your paper. You can add more paragraphs in your body paras if your teacher wants a bigger and more text in your essay. It is fine if you write more or fewer paragraphs in the body section. 

Estimating the Number of Paragraphs Before You Commence your Essay 

In academic writing, your paragraphs are expected to be a bit lengthier as compared to most of those, which you see in different blog posts. On average, there are typically 100 to 200 words in a paragraph. So if you are writing an essay or around 1000 words, you can assume that you can write between five and ten paragraphs. It is not a thumb rule or any kind of statute, which means it will not always work in the same way, but you can adjust it any time you want according to the instructions given or by your choice. 

What are the Essential Points to Cover 

The more accurate way, which is essential for you to know to understand while knowing the number of paragraphs, is to look for the essential points which you want to cover in your body text. The body paragraphs should cover all the main points, including the facts and figures which support or explains every single concept of your topic. While planning your essay, it is essential for you to think of or research the key elements that are required in the body text. It is suggested that you include each paragraph of every topic and if it is required to write more about it. Unquestionably, if more information is required to cover in order to discover each area of the topic, you can write more paragraphs.  

Let me explain to you with the help of an example: If you are writing on child labor or any social issue in a country, then you have to write about the psychological, physical, or other perceptions in the essay. When you search about these topics, you will find that there are different topics, which are essential to include in the paper. Of course, if you have set a moderately small word limit, then you may not be able to write detail about it. In that case, a paragraph for each of the core topics will probably be acceptable. 

Always remember that the content of the essay is more important than the total number of paragraphs.  

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