How To Write A Great College Application Essay?

Joining a college/university is one of the most important decisions that a student makes during their academic journey. But even before that they need to secure an admission in their dream institution. To do that they need to clear the admission process which requires them to write an admission essay. An admission essay determines the fate of your application and writing a college application essay can be an ordeal if you don’t know where to begin. Here we have listed the key points that you should be conscious about when you pen down your thoughts:

Gather your thoughts

Authenticity and originality are appreciated universally and it should come as no surprise when we say that your essay should reflect your persona and not a made up façade. Talk about your dreams, challenges faced, and factors that have influenced you to choose the college.

What to talk about?

The topic is the most important part of the essay. Talk about something that you’re comfortable with and can talk about if questioned. Choose a topic that is relevant to the program you’re applying to, and albeit it is not necessary to write about a contemporary topic, it is advisable. Research extensively about your topic before reaching a final decision. Most probably you will have a list of topics that you could write about but you should compare and contrast between them and finalise on the best one. Take second opinions from your peers as well, as they might have valuable insight that they’d want to share.

Prepare a framework

Once you’ve finalised on the topic, prepare a solid framework and outline all the important points that you wish to cover. Draft a proper plan and ensure that a similar constant flow and tone is maintained throughout the essay. Split the essay in smaller divisions and ensure a fluid transition from one topic to the other.

Keep it short

To make your application stand out among the hundreds if not thousands of applicants, ensure that your essay is precise and to the point. The usually accepted word limit is 500 words and anything above that seems like a drag. To maintain the attention of the reviewers, stick to the topic and refrain from adding irrelevant information. Keep it crisp and tight.


It is a no-brainer to ask you to maintain correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar throughout the essay. Even a single noticeable error will reflect poorly on your profile. Remember, the essay is the make it or break it part of the application.


As we said, to make your application stand out, it should be unique but to be able to express that uniqueness one should be able to maintain the attention of the reader. This task is accomplished by the introduction. A compelling introduction can not only grab the attention of the panellists but also ensure a positive outlook towards the essay. Introduce your story in a compelling fashion and arrest the attention of the reader with an interesting story related to your topic.

Maintain a unique style

Formulate a strategy to avoid the general pitfalls of writing college admission essay. Read some excellent sample essays before starting on your own and ensure that you don’t copy from any random website. Sounding magniloquent might impress your friends, but refrain from using big words in your essay just to impress the reviewers.

Keep these points in mind when you write your essay and you shall be able to produce an excellent piece of work. If you don’t think you’d be able to accomplish the said task; you can always ask for help. Our firm provides excellent services in helping you write the perfect essay for your college application. We have an entire team of excellent writers who hold years of experience and knowledge in the field, with an unparalleled expertise. If you are interested, ask for a sample essay from our experts and see for yourself.

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