How To Write A Synthesis Essay?

Synthesis essays are a radical form of argumentative written work which allows the writer to take a solidified viewpoint about a central idea, theme, or topic and back it up with a combination of sources. The resultant product is an analysis of the sources, and is an interpretation of them in a fashion that backs up the writers claim. The whole point of this type of writing is to practice the ability to retain a confident grip on a set of ideals based on researched or provided facts.

What is Synthesis Essay?

While writing a Synthesis essay it utilizes a mix of ideas and facts that involve the main topic and are carefully dissected to extract the most relevant information to be used as facts to bolster the writer’s standpoint.

Choosing a Topic

A well-received paper can be built only if one has a well-received topic to work with. This is especially true for synthesis essay as they are a compare and contrast type of work where ideas are judged for similarities and differences. The chosen topic cannot be very vague nor can it be highly specific; it should have just enough room for a healthy discussion to put a thought across to the audience. As such, the optimal topic for a synthesis essay is usually one which incites disagreement; without a right or wrong answer. These could include but are not limited to demographically conflicted topics such as globalisation or war, or topics that are open to different interpretations such as art, literature, or depression due to alcoholism.

A well-chosen topic could lead to further argumentation, which in turn would drive future research on said topics. A bad topic on the flip side would go unnoticed as a result of lack of room for further exploration due to the exhausting volume of research conducted hitherto or shift of the opinion of majority. Examples of bad topics could include global warming or video game addiction.

Thesis writing

A thesis is the foundation and backbone of your argument and provides fuel to the claim and highlights the key points of your argument. It is placed at the beginning of the essay but takes the longest to be formulated, as it should be finalised after careful scrutiny of the sources. It is supposed to establish the position you’re taking. A good thesis would look something like:

‘Voting should be made mandatory across the country because it ensures a greater transparency and provides a method to put an end to the innumerable election frauds committed since our independence.’

Outline Formulation

An outline is the most important part of the preparation process for a synthesis essay. It provides a solid framework for you to build upon. Constructing a solid framework ensures that you wouldn’t stray from the desired specificity on the topic. It keeps the flow in check and balances the tone of the essay. It also prevents the unwanted inclusion of irrelevant thoughts and ideas. Preparing a laid out framework also improves your efficacy in highlighting the analyses of your sources. The writer of the essay should analyse their sources rather than summarize them.

The essay should be initiated with an introduction of your thesis, followed by the key points that you want to discuss in the essay. The body should expand upon the aforementioned points and back them up with arguments and preferably solid researched sources. The thesis usually consists of three or more parts. If your thesis is not divided then divide your thesis in parts and build around these parts ensuring smooth transition from one part to the other. This ensures that you stay inside the outlined framework. Finally, end the essay with a counterargument (if applicable) and a conclusion.

Retrace these steps sans fail and you should be able to produce a good quality work. If you’re uncertain of your skills and are struggling to produce a good essay, we have a team of expert writers who could either guide you with your task or can help you formulate a great quality essay.

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