Intellectual Vitality and Essay

We all very well know that students usually get confused in understanding what actually ‘intellectual vitality’ means while they prepare their essays. But, it is not that difficult to understand as you all think. Intellectual vitality is your inquisitiveness about the things happening in the world and your approach to ascertain the answers to questions you have. The key point is to show from your essay that you not only have a brain, but you also know how to make use of it. It has been assumed that those who exhibit intellectual vitality fundamentally value their education. Their minds are inquisitive, and they actively pursue knowledge and a pathway to understanding. Here are certain ways that show you have intellectual vitality.  

You are always keen to know ‘why’ of everything 

  • If something interests you are if you find something new, you start gathering information about it, and you do not stop until you know each and everything about it.  
  • You just not go behind the crowd and do not believe before you do not search about it and see the proof. You form your own opinions and search for information from every possible angle.  
  • You do not just spend time listening and thinking about what to say. Rather you can debate on any angle, and you are always interested in knowing how other people think and do not hesitate to change the mind where the evidence face.  
  • You are not afraid if somebody challenges your ideas; instead, you relish it.  

Every new thing fascinates you 

  • Whenever you go through any interesting and new idea, you do not leave it unless you find out each and everything about it. You search for every little information about it and want to involve it in your essay. 
  • You always think about different things, analyze them, look for different links, differences, similarities, and relationships. 
  • You turn things in your mind, make stories, and look at them from different angles. No piece of information is left unread or unexplored, and you never accept any information without asking questions about it.    

The way you write all the things into your essay 

  • Your essay is the chance for you put in the things together that you know very well or have complete knowledge about it.  
  • It is important for you to remember that whatever you write about, be it regarding yourself or any other person or thing, make sure you always be honest and provide the correct information.  
  • Talk about real-life happenings and express your intellectual vitality by displaying how you applied it. Do not try to make up something up, as it will nearly always come across as forged. 

There are many ways in which you can demonstrate intellectual property and can include it in your writing. Just be yourself while writing and always tell the truth. You can show this by recognizing stints in your life when you resolved a problem, learned something, or became fervent about a field of learning, even if it is not related to your assignment. 

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