The Vagueness Of Numbers In An Essay

Vague numbers such as tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands as well as tens of millions are not logical or precise when used in a sentence. They can be applied as an utter overstatement, or they may perhaps reveal an indefinite number that is dependent on fact. They can always question people to simplify what number they actually want to convey or search for the actual figures for yourself. To resolve the confusion, here are some strategies you can implement when you use vague numbers yourself or take the essay writing assistance from assignment friend.

Vague Hundreds of Thousands 

Now that we have observed the term “tens of thousands,” you can write this section for the paper, but just in case you lose in the initial time round, let us grab it from the topmost point. “Hundreds” states in excess of a single set of a hundred, so you cannot express the hundreds of thousands of whatsoever with no overstating till you reach the two hundred thousand stage. You continue talking concerning the hundreds of thousands up until the number underneath the debate extents one million, but the majority of the individuals would draw attention to that whatsoever above 900,000 is coming close to a million. 

Why Be Vague About Numbers? 

There are truly more than a few aims to be uncertain regarding numbers: 

  • You do not understand what the number is, and you merely guess over it. 
  • You have the slightest impression of the number, but there can be relatively more or less than that. 
  • You are expending these terminologies for influence, and you have the idea that you may exaggerate this expression. 
  • You are not overstating, but you either do not know around or can’t be concerned with precise numbers. 
  • The precise numbers are not certainly significant. 

Let us understand the number vagueness with the help of some examples – 

Humans have been producing fires with the help of this method for hundreds of thousands of years. 

People in the contemporary world are supposed to have developed around 200,000 years back, so it is not indecent to practice “hundreds of thousands.” In addition, the precise quantity given here is not quite significant. What you are trying to say is that humans have exercised a definite method to produce fires for a quite, quite long time. 

If you take over my writing challenge, you will write tens of thousands of words this year. 

Yet again, the precise number actually is not a problem in this sentence. You only need people to understand that they may write a number of words by undertaking an easy challenge. If the individual is fascinated by gaining more knowledge after reading this sentence, they can have a look and get an idea that the actual number is 60,785 words. 

There have to be hundreds of thousands of bacteria living on that rotting food! 

Here’s a sentence that’s pure presumption. You’ve absolutely no knowledge the number of bacteria is existing on the food, but just by looking at it, you can assume that there has to be plenty of them. 

What do we learn? 

In spite of everything, you cannot trust numbers like that very much. They are just too extensive, plus they can much easily be put together to sort embellished assertions. When in doubt, get to know. This is what Google does for us! 

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