Tips to Write an Exemplification Essay

Exemplification essays are one of the best ways to present your views on a specific topic. They can sometimes sound tricky but, in most cases, are simple to implement. If you have no idea what these are, let us first understand this.

Exemplification essay Defined 

An exemplification essay is a type of argumentative or analytical essay that makes the best use of the examples to prove the thesis statements by the writers. At the time of writing an analytical or argumentative essay, it is important that the writers include statistics, quotes, and examples. Facts and pieces of evidence must also be used in these types of essays as a piece of evidence for the arguments that are made. The writer must exclusively focus on examples when they are writing an exemplification essay. 

Essay Structure

Essays that are written as argumentative essay follows the traditional structure and style. It must have an introduction, a Body part, and a conclusion. The introduction section of the essay must create a hook for the reader so that he or she is encouraged to read the entire essay. The Introduction section must also mention the Thesis statement.

The Body part of the Essay must be divided into paragraphs. Each of these paragraphs must have a dedicated title and must mention a separate idea. In the case of an augmentative essay, each of the paragraphs must mention an example. You can also mention multiple examples if you want. 

The last section of an argumentative essay mentions the conclusion. Here you have to summarize each of the points that you have mentioned. This section must also mention a concluding statement.  

Adding References

The exemplification essay must mention an example that strongly supports the claim or the point that is made to prove a point. In such cases, it becomes necessary for the writer to add examples backed up by references. These references make the developed content trustworthy to anyone who reads the article. The writer must cite all the references that are mentioned in the essay. If the in-text citations are provided, the writer must make sure they are cited properly. Citations are important as they will also avoid the presence of plagiarism in the developed assignment. 

Smooth Transition   

Make sure that all the sentences that you have written in the content follow a smooth transition. The flow of ideas must be perfect apart from being interesting to read. It is best to include terms such as “Additionally”, “Furthermore”, and “For Instance”. These can be added between the different sections to develop content that is developed logically and smoothly. 

Choosing a Topic

There can be several topics to choose from at the time of writing an exemplification essay. These can lie across a range of subjects such as Education, Culture, Political, Social, and Technology. The educational essay can include topics such as “The importance of early education in a child’s brain development” and “How texting is negatively impacting the vocabulary of an individual”. The cultural topics can be “The effects of art therapy in improving the mental conditions of people facing depression” or “How travelling helps in cultural education”. Political topics can be “The presence of police brutality and its widespread influence” and “The Effects of Fake news in media’. Social topics can include “The Excessive usage of the internet and smartphone is leading to social anxiety among people”, “Children must never be exposed to physical punishments”. Lastly, the technology topics can include, “Dangers of the self-driving cars”, “Security cameras are violating the privacy of people”. 

Lastly, in order to make your essay successful and high scoring, it is important that you conduct good research. Examples can best be incorporated when the researched information is rich in content. Working on the feedback is one of the best ways to improve the overall quality of your essay.