What is a Position Paper and how to Write One

Students often have to write position papers that are dedicated to defending a topic. For some students, it is difficult to understand the topic and write an essay about it. There is a lot of confusion as the students have no idea about the essay writing process and when, in such cases, they are assigned the task of writing a position paper. 

So before writing a position paper, let us first understand what it really is.

What is a Position Paper?

A form of essay that presents one side of an arguable concern or an issue. This can also be a specific opinion that is presented in an essay. A position paper presents what an author has to say about a specific topic and how he or she uses the different aspects, facts, and figures to present his or her thought to prove it is a position paper. The overall goal of a position paper is to convince the reader about a specific aspect of a topic that is presented.   

Purpose of the Position Paper

A writer shares their opinion in a position paper about a topic or an issue. In most cases, a position paper is used in academics, politics, and law to convince the reader about a specific aspect of a topic. Here the writer has to choose which side of the topic he or she wants to talk about. A case is then built rather around the overall scenario, and all the things mentioned by the writer are supported by facts. Position papers are also developed and presented by big organizations to share the beliefs of their business and how they plan to achieve them.

Structure of a position paper

The structure of a position paper may vary and is dependent on the format that must be followed. They can be simple or can be the most complex ones that can be developed. Here are some of the aspects that you need to keep in mind to develop a well-structured position paper.

  • Topic Selection: A position paper is always based on a single topic. All the facts must be supported by strong and thorough research. It is thus important to have good research on the topic that you want to develop a research paper. The topic must also be suggested based on the writer’s ability to develop a strong argument. 
  • Conduct Research: It is very important for the writer to carry out preliminary research on a topic or a specific aspect of a topic. A topic can also be said as highly researched when it is backed by research and statistics. The writer must also keep in mind that the research is carried out from trusted sources such as government reports and peer-reviewed research papers published in different journals. 
  • The paper should challenge the topic: You might face challenges when you support one side of a topic. Thus, it is important that you know the counterargument that you want to present. It is better if you outline all the challenges that you might face as you support your personal views. In such cases, it is better that you present evidence to support everything that you want to state. 
  • Create an outline: Once you have done all your research, it is important that you create an outline for your paper. 

All these aspects make writing a position paper complex for the writers. It is also time-consuming and a tiring task to develop a position paper. 

To get you some help, the below section shares insights on how to write a position paper.

Both in favour as well as against favour of the argument are shared by a position paper. This is also the reason why it is also known as a position statement paper. It can be tricky to write a position paper for beginners. Here are some steps that can be followed.

  • Introduction: The introduction part of the position paper is important as it is used to identify the primary issues. The thesis statement of the paper is also mentioned in this section. The introduction section must grab the attention of the reader and must mention the topic and the area of research that has been covered. 
  • Body: This section is the main part of the position essay. The core essence of the essay is mentioned in this section. The body section of the essay is made up of three paragraphs. Each of these paragraphs must present a central argument or a position statement that can be used to clarify your position on a specific issue. You can add quotes, evidence, interviews, and facts.

The body section also mentions the opposing points and all things that are presented to oppose the primary topic. 

This is also the place and presents the counterargument, refutes the claim, and supports the facts that you have presented in the paper. In order to develop this section in the best possible way, it is advised that you go through some examples of a position paper. The body section of the paper must include at least three ideas that support your argument. At the same time, you must present at least one counterargument that is supported by evidence.   

  • Conclusion: In this section, you can reemphasize the crucial argument that you have presented. This section is not to repeat the ideas that you have already presented in the body section. Instead, this section is to lay emphasis on your views. Here you can also suggest solutions for the issues that have been identified. 

Seek Professional Advice 

If you are still confused or do not have much idea about writing a position paper, we would recommend that you seek professional advice. The professional writing services are the people who are well aware of the details and technicalities behind the research papers. 

So, it is advised that you seek professional help in developing the position paper. The professional writing services have the right skills to develop such a task. They are highly reliable when it comes to quality of work and timely delivery of projects.