Commemorative Speech and its Uses

A commemorative speech is often given to pay tribute to someone. This type of speech writing is also given to praise a person, idea, or place. Such a type of speech is also known as ceremonial speech, as it is given by the speaker to address an audience by sharing something that is interesting.

This type of speech is also known as formal speech. The primary focus of this speech is its formal nature. One of the examples of a commemorative speech is that which is given by the President on a special occasion. This speech pays tribute to all the people who have given their lives to make the country independent.

A commemorative type of speech is used to highlight the values that are considered by a specific group. These values can be loyalty, wisdom, beauty, success, tradition, kindness, experience, courage, or innocence. One such ceremonial speech is given at a wedding party in which blessings and wishes are given by the friends and family to the newlywed couple. This speech is given to celebrate the future and is filled with feelings and emotions. Delivering a commemorative speech requires a considerable amount of practice. The initial step in delivering such a speech is, writing it.

How to Write Commemorative Speech

So if you want to write an impressive commemorative speech, here are some of the steps:

  1. Brainstorm Ideas: You have to conduct a good brainstorming of ideas on which you need to give a commemorative speech. You also need to keep the perspectives of the different audiences and their sentimental values before you develop the final draft of the speech.
  2. Identify the Purpose: Being clear about the purpose of the speech is highly important.
  3. Collect Information: It is recommended that you collect all the required data and information that is able to well justify the purpose of your commemorative speech. This can cover memories, ideas, and stories.
  4. Develop a Draft: Once you have a clear purpose for your speech, you can get started with the speech. Start in an informal manner and put all your ideas in writing. This draft must be written in your own words.
  5. Develop the Final Draft: You will refer to this draft to develop your final speech. This should be written keeping in mind the point of view of the audience. Be honest in writing your views, as this will help you get connected with the audience.

Outline of Commemorative Speech

Organize all this information that is collected to write a commemorative speech. The next thing you need to do is to follow a structure for your speech. This will make your content understandable. A basic structure includes an introduction, a body part, and a conclusion. Or. It can also be said that this is similar to essay writing. Start your speech by giving a brief idea about your speech, its purpose, and highlighting the occasion.

You can also start your speech with some famous quotes or mention a place, an event, or an occasion. You can also add as many stories as you want along with the ideas that you want. You can also adjust a major part of the speech in the main body. Here you need to keep in mind the total time that will be given to you to deliver the speech and thus have to structure it in such a way.

Commemorative Speech Examples

If you get a chance to select a topic for a Commemorative speech, it is best that you select a topic for your speech. This topic must be existing and highly engaging. Some of the topics can be a tribute to the spouse, parents, or family members, an example of courage, or how teamwork helped a business succeed.

So now that you have known all the things about a Commemorative speech, it is time to get started and write the best one.