Effective Ways To Deal With Stress As A Student


Life is all about living stress-free and happy but this is not seen in today’s timeline among the younger generation. As the surroundings are becoming a competition student are becoming more conscious about themselves which leads to added stress in life. There are hundreds of reasons for the present stressful life the students are living in. modernization has made life’s easy for students by offering technology but also added stress among them. Factors like getting a well-paid job, maintaining the status in the society, completing projects on time, maintaining a balance between money-saving and debt, etc. are major factors that lead stress in students. 

There are some issues which can be seen in practice in students or the side effects of stress: 

  1. Behavioural change: due to unwanted stress students turn towards alcohol and drugs for which they feel will remove all the stress they are facing which is wrong. 
  1. Physical change: having fears in mind of not completing tasks on deadline or unable to secure the future leaves the student in the state of shock and fear which leads to breathing issues, shakiness of the body, sweating and increased heart rate. 
  1. Psychological change: this change is a major one as a student the perception is very timid to every issue being faced which leads to creating thoughts of fear and bad omen. 

Tips and tricks to overcome stress 

  1. Start Exercising: when a human body does some physical activity endorphins are released which leads to positivity and self-confidence. Exercising a day or two in a week keeps the mind and body in a healthy state. 
  1. Sleep well: the present scenario is all about mobile phones and social media which leads to late-night staying online. Every student needs a good sleep to keep the mind healthy and peaceful which resists the stress of any kind. 
  1. Friends: spending a good time with a friend or group of friends and carrying out any activity leads to peace of mind and positivity. 
  1. Organize: keeping track of every activity and organizing academic life removes unwanted stress as things proceed in an organized manner which results in the completion of tasks and self-confidence. 
  1. Time management: managing time is a crucial factor for every student to climb the ladder of success in any part of life whether it be school life of personal life. 

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