Learn What Is Precis Writing To Ace Your Score

Writing descriptions and details about an event in a short summary is one of the important tasks that is given to every student in their academic career. A short summary of 20 lines will only allow you to cover some of the most important parts of the event that you need to describe and avoid all the extra details.

You will even consider that summing a write up which is more than 3000 words, into something that is 20 lines is nearly impossible. And at this time, you need to learn what is precis.

Precis Writing

So what exactly is precis writing? As per the academic experts, the word comes from the Latin word ‘praecisius’, which means shortened. The word is pronounced with a silent ‘s’. The word means writing a summary or an abridged version of the entire given document.

A precis must contain only the most essential information about a written document. It can be a novel, a play, or a long passage. This style of writing aims to provide the readers with a gist of the main essence of what have been talked about in the entire document.

  • Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind at the time of precis writing
  • It never mentions personal views
  • The tone of the precis must be the same as that of the given play or the passage.
  • Elopements that are not essential to the primary theme of the passage must be avoided.
  • It must be as concise as possible but without changing the essence of the work.
  • The entire story of the document must be converted and presented in a miniature form.

All these points will help you get a better understanding of what precis writing is and what is the best way to do them.

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