Rules To Write A Strong Response Paper

Response paper or the reaction paper is a critical document that needs to be developed by a student in their academic career. The response paper is also known as the reaction paper that can be a crucial part of your academic career. Here are a set of rules that you can follow to develop an outstanding response paper.

  1. Use the plan: The response paper is all about your reaction or response to a book you have read, a movie you have watched, a speech, or a piece of art you have come across. The first thing you need to do is to read and observe the things that you need to develop a response. Mark the pages you have liked and make notes of the important points that you have come across. Now it’s time to re-read your thoughts and formulate a thesis to start making a response essay. Make sure that you cover every important point when you start writing your response essay.
  2. Create a strong introduction: Once you have created a detailed outline of the future essay, it is important that you develop an effective introduction for your response essay. You should remember that people will only continue reading your paper if they find a good introduction. They will pay attention to the first section of the paper, making it one of the most important parts of the response paper. Some more tips you can use to make a compelling introduction:
  • Keep the introduction paragraph short.
  • Introduce the main points.
  • Avoid giving too much detail.
  • Analyze, do not just summarize.
  • Add a strong thesis statement.
  1. Express your opinion to the audience: There is nothing to feel shy about expressing your own opinion in this paper as it is a response paper. You can also use words such as “I believe”, “I feel”. But is also important that you maintain a good balance between critiquing and discussing the text that is given to you. Some more useful tips are:
  • Give a shred of evidence to support your arguments.
  • Do not just restate the points, rather summarize and analyze them.
  • Discuss whether the question is relevant to the current scenario.
  • Discuss whether you agree or disagree with the author.
  1. Do not hesitate to use phrases for your statement: Some of the phrases that you can use include:
  • I didn’t like
  • I liked
  • I didn’t get the idea of
  • I understand that the writer is trying to say this
  • As far my opinion
  • The whole scene seems to be
  • After reading, I felt that
  • I mostly liked the part because
  • I think it is very impressive

It is also important that you present your comments in the paper with strong analysis and giving a full explanation to the readers. You also need to explain why you felt so and what made you feel like this.

Edit your Completed Paper

Once you have completed your paper, it is important that you revise it. This will help you correct any of your mistakes. Thus, spare some time and polish your paper and make it look perfect. It will also be best if you use an online tool and check for any grammar and spelling mistakes in the paper.

Response paper writing is an art, and you need a little practice to master it. Following the rules and guidelines is one of the ways to develop a compelling response paper.

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