Steps to Save You from Drowning in Your Literature Review


A literature review is the research and valuation of content or text presented on the given matter or preferred topic area. It documents the content in context with the subject or topic you are writing about. It is an intellectual assessment of journals and other information sources. The prime objective of the Literature review is to discover ways in which it can broaden the understanding of a students in their respective fields of interest. In crux, a Literature review investigates the literature in your selected field of study also if any student is struggling reviewing the literature then assignment friend provides literature review help

A literature review is considered as a base in the inscription of a research paper for both students and investigators. It mainly involves analyzing and revising the existing study and published work on a specific topic and accordingly provide an outline or summary after investigating it. Therefore literature review plays a very predominant role in creating a research paper because of the benefits and functions it serves towards extending an understanding of a researcher in their respective fields of interest. Below mentioned are a few steps to create a comprehensive literature review:  

Points to be noted while creating a perfect Literature review  

Below mentioned are a few points that should be kept in mind while creating a good literature review:  

  1. Set up the structure of your chosen topic 

The first and foremost step of conducting a useful literature review is to set up the outline of the paper by defining each section separately. The outline must include all the sections and sub- sections of the paper.  

  1. Fix a timeline with particular indicator for each section 

After creating the outline, the next step is to categorize it into different sections covering all the contents of the topic.  One the structure is ready, set a specific timeline or a due date for each section. Setting a specific date for each segment helps in keeping a track of section in order to reduce last minute chaos and finish the work on time. Hence it is recommended to set the timeline either weekly or daily basis depending on how close your submission deadline is.  

  1. Explain the paper at every stage of writing 

One of the main hurdles while writing a paper is its coherence. The writer must be capable of incorporating their knowledge and understanding of the subject in writing. Students have to pass through multiple stages to create a well structured, content rich manuscript. Hence it is suggested to structure the paper and bifurcate it into different stages so as to create a robust content.  A clear structure and a realistic milestone will help the students make a steady progress and create a more comprehensive and a perfect literature review. 

  1. Conduct a detailed research on the subject 

This is one of the most important pre- requisite while writing a research paper. The students must carry thorough research on the chosen topic. Further, this research should be examined and accordingly, the review should be created. 

  1. Writing must be formal yet straightforward: 

Just like the academic tasks, the project review must also be written in a structured and direct conversational tone. The sentences must be easy to understand and should explain the gist of the study.  

Hence creating a literature review is not as tough as it seems to be. Although the research work takes copious amount time but once, the material is collected, writing a review eventually becomes simpler.   

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