The Importance Of Citation And Referencing In Academic Writing

Today, in every school and college, students are asked to complete many assignments. Some common writing includes five paragraphs essay, critical essay, compare and contrast essay, dissertation writing, research paper, and further other writings. Completing all these assignments in high-class quality is essential as every assignment includes certain grades. There are many points about which students are required to take care of. Among those points, one is the citation of the used resources.

Citation is known for giving credit to someone for using their work, ideas, and thoughts in order to complete our research activity. It is essential in academic writing to prove to your readers the information that you have done proper research by listing down all the sources you have used while doing research and writing the paper. It provides support in obtaining the novelty of the ideas and thoughts used in conducting research. It is an essential part of academic writing as it enhances the shared information of all involved in the area of academics. However, using another person’s ideas in your academic writing without appropriate acknowledgement is viewed as a method of dishonesty. On the whole, a citation is comprised of the name of the book, title of the article, the name of the writer, details regarding the journal where it came from, the date it was published, and many others.

How Citation Improves Your Writing

The citation is the way to inform the readers from where certain material in your work came from. It improves your writing and supports your readers in different ways. Some of those ways include:

  • Displaying the sources of your information to the readers.
  • Solidification of your academic argument.
  • Recognizing and gratifying others for their contribution.
  • Consenting your readers to refer to your sources autonomously.
  • Screening the extensiveness of your research.
  • Permitting your readers to authenticate your provided information.
  • Representing your knowledge of academic requirements.

Importance of Citation

Those who have written assignments in their graduation period must be aware of how important citation is. The key advantage of virtuous citation is that it validates the originality of the source from where the subject matter is taken. It also demonstrates how intensely you have gained knowledge about the topic on which you are working. It is an act to give respect to the writer for the hard work, dedication, and efforts he has made on his research work. By citing professionals in your area, you are displaying your field that you are cognizant of and in which you are working. Remember that your citations will help you in mapping the area of your discipline and consent you to steer your way with the help of your chosen field of study. Furthermore, the citation is important in your academic writing because:

  • Offers support and evidence: The chief objective of citation is to offer evidence and support to the argument you have made in your assignment. It is essential for you to provide proof about the material you have added to your work, and citation can help you in it. It will also help the readers in understanding where the evidence can be found for further research.
  • Avoid plagiarism: Plagiarism is going up in organizations such as colleges, schools, and universities in the current academic world. To avoid plagiarism, it is essential to properly cite your sourcesin every piece of writing you submit. You are required to acknowledge the source, which you have used to complete your writing with the help of citations.
  • Add creditability: Citation adds creditability to your paper. It will help you to have your paper much-required credibility. Besides, it will make your paper simpler for the reader to locate the material you are pointing out in it.
  • Offer overall appeal: Whether your paper is an essay or a research paper, the proper use of citations will provide you with a good offer to increase the overall appeal to your academic writing. Along with providing sound support to the information, it will also make your research more believable.
  • Fact-checking: In order to convince your readers of the content you just wrote, you must demonstrate that the facts were taken from a dependable source. So, with the help of reference, your readers get to check the authenticity of your content. In simple words, you are trying to provide evidence of the claim by adding references.
  • Provide reference: Citation works as a reference. It will offer reference to the in-depth information presented in the paper. It will help you to acknowledge the points and ideas used in your work.
  • Persuasive Writing: When readers go through your content, they come across facts to be convinced of your view. But the authenticity of these facts majorly depends on the source. So, you must add references to your content to help persuade the readers.

In short, the citation will help your readers to analyze the information provided by you on the basis of the original source. They can cross-check the details given in the original document, and it helps in making them understand what you are trying to say and depict in your research. It will also provide support to your facts in favour of or against the topic chosen.

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