What Is Precis Writing And What Are Its Rules?

Writing is a challenging task until and unless you know the skill to communicate what you want to say to the reader in the right way. It can also be said that writing is an art where you really need to get creative and share your ideas.

There are a number of writing types that you must know before you start getting into this area. All these types then follow their own styles and structure to serve their purpose rightfully. One of the most common styles that we need to understand in-depth is precis writing. This is an important part of the college and academic writing curriculum.

Definition of Precis Writing

The piece of writing that is developed as a short summary of any other text is referred to as precis writing. It is a gist of another written passage that explains an idea or a concept in detail. In most academic programs, precis writing is given as an assignment to be completed by the students to analyze their skills and abilities to generate crisp information from the detailed information given to them.

It is recommended to use minimal words, should be complete in itself, and should be able to communicate all the important points of the larger text in a short format. Precis introduces the reader to the idea of the passage displaying a message in an extremely short form.

It should also be noted that precis writing should not be confused with paraphrasing. In paraphrasing, you must cover all the points of the document. On the other hand, in precis writing, you should only give a crisp summary.

You have to follow a set of rules for precis writing. The following section mentions some of them in brief.

Rules of precis Writing

Here are some simple rules that you must follow to make your precis writing more accurate and efficient.

  • It is important for you to understand the theme of your passage. For this, it is highly important that you read the given text thoroughly and completely. A complete comprehension is also important to discover the overall purpose of the passage.
  • You must never copy from the given passage. Precis writing needs you to carefully mould the structure of a sentence at the same time maintaining the complete essence of the main idea that you need to share with the reader. The most important thing is, you should never copy the sentence from the content that is given to you. Rather, it must be rewritten in an efficient manner.
  • The precis writing that you develop must always be clear. The content that you develop should not only be very short. It should convey the right message and the right meaning of the source content.
  • The precis writing must always demonstrate your writing skills. Elements that are tested in this piece of work is the correct usage of words, language used, and logical sequence. Each part of the precis exhibits your writing skills and excellence in writing the document. A smartly written precis writing a piece of content lays a positive impression on the reader.
  • It is extremely important that all your created work is original and created by yourself.
  • Using indirect speech is highly recommended in the task of precis writing. This is important as it is developed with the point of view of the third person. Therefore, direct speech must never be used in such cases.
  • It is recommended that you use facts and figures in the precis writing work. Numbers and facts will help to maintain the credibility of your text. It will also increase the quality of your writing and builds interest for the reader.
  • Analyze every section of the content and evaluate the significance of the respective parts. Towards the end, you can message the crucial points of the message to give an overview to the reader.
  • Conclude the passage with your own understanding.

Overall, precis writing is a bit tricky task and requires practice. The details mentioned here will surely help you to achieve your goals and achieve high grades. Lastly, make sure that the precis that you develop should be only one-third of your original document, crisp, and of the highest quality.      

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