Why Introduction And Conclusion Are Important For Writing An Assignment

We all know that writing an introduction and conclusion in assignment writing is important. However, we have never thought about the fact that why it is important. Well, we will help you in answering the question in this article.

Precisely, an introduction and conclusion end the arguments made in the body part of the assignment by explaining the points that are to be made in the other section. The conclusion helps in summarizing the points made in the body section these details are very well kept in mind of the best assignment experts at assignment friend.

The purpose for Writing Introduction and Conclusion

Suppose you are reading an essay without an introduction, then you will not be introduced to the main idea of the writer behind the essay. And am essay without a conclusion will make you feel that the writer has only provided the specific information but has left you with the feeling that the idea is not tied up efficiently for you. An essay without an introduction and conclusion will only be a body of the essay for perusal.

However, a well-structured essay with an introduction, conclusion, and other body section will lead the readers into the main idea and then lead them out again so that their reading and understanding journey becomes a satisfying expedition that feels complete.


An introduction is a presentation of key ideas, the purpose of the work, as well as an outline of the entire paper. An introduction is a vital part of any assignment or task as it serves various purposes at once. Primary, it stimulates the interest of your readers. Logically, if the reader is not interested in your topic, he will not read the entire essay to know about the topic. Therefore, something special is required for getting the reader’s attention. It is said that the first impression is the last impression. Thus, if you write a good introduction to your assignment, then you will certainly catch your audience or examiner’s eye and, therefore, may acquire good grades.

Tips for Writing Introduction

  • Formulate Specific Topic
  • Pay attention to the thesis statement
  • Read the introduction of other assignments
  • Provide helpful and relevant information
  • Try to avoid clichés
  • Feel free to write the introduction after completing the body paragraphs
  • Try to convince your readers that your paper is worth reading

A conclusion is the final part of your assignment. It is a final paragraph containing the summary of the entire work along with predictions of the future. The conclusion is as important as the introduction and another body part of the paper. It is said that a bad conclusion can harm even the best paper, while a good conclusion can leave a great aftereffect on the readers and make them examine the subject further. Along with summarizing the whole paper, a conclusion also explains the results of your research, analyze your work, and make future predictions.

Tips for Writing a Strong Conclusion
  • Restate Your Topic
  • Restate Your Thesis Statement
  • Summarize Key Points of Your Paper
  • Discuss the Importance of Your Points
  • Discuss the Future of Your Chosen Subject
  • Keep Things Together
  • Give a Recommendation
Essay Structure
  • Introduction – 10%
  • Body – 80%
  • Conclusion – 10%

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