Effects of Plagiarism in Academic Writing


Being a student is a very challenging job. They are often piled up with loads of assignments and other academic work that need to be submitted in a particular format and within a limited time frame. Hence it is quite common for any college students to get trapped in the plagiarism web whenever their content does not meet the standards set by their universities or colleges. Sadly the repercussions of plagiarism are very intense including failing in the assignment, failing the entire subject or even getting expelled from school. Hence in this article we shall be throwing some light on some of the major consequences of Plagiarism in academic writing and will also give a brief idea abut how to overcome it. But before that, we need to understand what exactly plagiarism is ? 

What is Plagiarism ? 

Plagiarism in common words can be defined as copying someone else’s work and forwarding is to someone else as your own creation even though it is one or two sentences. Hence it is the use of other person’s ideas to fulfil your requirements without giving credit to them or letting them know. This act of stealing someone else’s ideas is known as plagiarism. However the consequences of plagiarism are really bad which could be personal, professional or legal. Lets have a look at them in the below section :  

Consequences of Plagiarism in Academic Writing  

  1. Damaged Student reputation :  

Colleges / Universities take plagiarism very seriously. Allegation about Plagiarism can lead the student to suspension. He/ She could be expelled from college. And the sad part is, it would be mentioned in their academic record thereby forbidding the student from getting admission in any other university or college .  

  1. Damaged Academic Reputation :  

Once you are tagged with plagiarism allegation, then your entire academic career is ruined. As we all know that publishing is the first step for building a successful academic career. And losing the right to publish just because of plagiarism can put an end to your academic career thereby destroying your reputation .  

  1. Legal consequences : 

Plagiarism has very adverse legal consequences. As we all know one cannot use other’s written content without proper citation and referencing. As per the Copyright Laws the writer has all the entitlements to sue the copyist . Plagiarism is a criminal offence and may possibly lead the copyist to imprisonment . 

  1. Monetary Consequences :  

Sometimes Plagiarism can be heavy on your pockets as well. If the author sues the plagiarist for copying his content, then he may also claim for Monetary compensation . Hence if a student is found plagiarizing in his college then he may be monetarily penalized for that .  


Hence the Plagiarism can hamper a student’s career in dramatic manner. It can get the student expelled from the college or university. Using someone else’s work denoting it to be your’s can ruin yours as well as your college’s reputation. Hence students must take this very seriously and try to avoid the consequences of plagiarism in their academic career.  It is very important that the students must learn to put their ideas in to words in the most efficient manner so as to avoid plagiarism. Moreover they ought to learn how to use their academic skills rather than just twisting the words or using references.  

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