Why Plagiarism Is An Offense In Academics

Plagiarism is defined as using other people’s ideas, stating them as yours and not giving them credit for their work. Several researchers have said that plagiarism is one of the major issues that have affected the success of many scholars. Such an activity of stealing other people’s work and ideas, copying their content is strictly against the set of standards.

Breach of Basic Practices

The researchers have hypothesized that plagiarism is a breach of the basic practices in the academic field. For this reason, it is very important for the students to identify the sources of information when they are using the research and work from other people.

The Consequences

Academic experts have said that students who are found guilty of plagiarism might get expelled from the university. Additionally, the act might put the academic reputation of the learning institution in to jeopardy. The act of plagiarism might have substantial adverse effects on the students, their relationships with the academic mentors, and on the reputation of the respective learning institution as a whole.

Most of the students are in a hurry to complete their assignments and do not wish to work hard on their own. They believe that copying other people’s work is the fastest and easiest way to complete their assignment. Such an act can be a quick fix to the assignment challenges. However, it is believed that students who choose to plagiarise their papers deprive themselves of the opportunity they have of learning crucial concepts in their academic career.

Such activity also restricts their growth as successful individual. They are not able to master their effective skills such as secondary research, structuring an essay or citing academic sources. They also lack the basic skills in writing that might cost them opportunities, grades, and a good career.

Relying on other people’s work exposes a student to the risk of failure as the student is not able to think independently.

Disrupting the Learning Environment

Apart from all the above consequences, plagiarism is also said to disrupt the relationship between the students and the mentor. Plagiarism can have a negative effect on the relationships between the students and their mentors, all the way disrupting the overall learning environment of the organization. The instructor can develop a negative attitude towards the student who plagiarises their work and can even inhibit the teaching enthusiasm. Copying other people’s work can have some serious consequences for the students.

In Conclusion

Plagiarism is a serious offence and lays adverse effects on the academic career of the students. The activity can make a student perform poorly or even make them get expelled from the educational institutes. The activity can even damage the reputation of the educational institute.

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