Difference Between CMOS and AP

If you are a student, researcher, or professional writer, then I am pretty much sure that you are aware of different English style guides. Every style guide for English serves a different role. Usually, students and writers are aware of the MLA or APA writing style, but there are only a few who are aware, can recognize and write The Chicago Manual of Style and the AP Stylebook. First, let me introduce you to The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS). It is a much larger and detail-oriented work mainly due to the breadth of its envisioned spectators, including those from the modern mystery author to the doctor inscribing articles for their medical journal. It also includes the disquiets of editing the work and setting out the various articles by publishers. Larger parts of Chicago writing are dedicated to citing other sources, reference lists, and bibliographies.  

Conversely, AP Stylebook distresses itself with a much smaller group of writers as compared to CMOS. It concerns itself for those who make newspaper copy and those writers who work for public relations and informational news releases for the public. The citation of APA source is taken much contrarily in news media when the final creation is done. You must have understood that there are various differences in both the CMOS and AP style. Here are the other comparisons in both the styles explained on different features.  


Category  CMOS  AP  
Comma  In all instances, a serial comma is used  Serial comma is not used in simple series  
Etc./like/so forth/such as  A comma is not required after such terms except it is required grammatically.  AP still proposes a comma after such terms.  
Either/too  If either or too is at the end of the sentence, then a comma is not required  A comma is required only to provide clarity.  


Category  CMOS  AP  
Mid-sentence, questions, or interpolated  Capitalize the question, but a quotation mark is not required  Similar to CMOS  
Bullet Points  Items, which are not a full sentence may or may not be capitalized  Capitalize the first word in every sentence  
Unusual capitalization of brand, trademark, or company name  Maintain the organization’s chosen capitalization form  Capitalize brand’s name when it is required  


Category  CMOS  AP  
General numbers  Spell out numbers from zero to one hundred  Spell numbers from zero to nine and then write in numeral form from 10 and above.  
US phone numbers  Use 1-800-444-9561 or (1-800) 444-9561  Only use 1-800-444-9561  
Hours time  Use a colon for clarity    


Category  CMOS  AP  
US  Don not use the period between the letters  Except headlines use period   
Months  The months will be written as:  Jan.  Feb.  Mar.  Apr.  May  June  July  Aug.  Sep.   Oct.  Nov.  Dec.  The months will be written as:  Jan.  Feb.  March  April  May  June  July  Aug.  Sep.   Oct.  Nov.  Dec.  

Spelling and Other Precise Words   

Category  CMOS  AP  
email  A hyphen is not required  Write email  
Decision-making  Add hyphen for both noun and adjective  Always add a hyphen  
Their/they  In formal writing do not use a singular pronoun  In limited cases the use of the singular pronoun is acceptable  
versus / vs. / v.  In most of the writing, spell the full word versus. In headlines, use vs. and in court cases use v  Similar to CMOS  


Category  CMOS  AP  
Foreign phrases and words  Use italics unless the word or phrase appear in a standard English dictionary. Remember not to use italics for foreign proper noun.  Special treatment is not required for standard English dictionary.  
Emphasizing the text  Italics are required in print of formal prose.  Use roman type in news stories.  

Both CMOS and AP are different from each other. These are two of the most popular style guides for professional writers. They both serve a different role and from the above paper you’ll learn about some crucial updates to Chicago and see comparisons of its instructions with AP style. It is advised to read and understand all the differences between them before starting writing so that you can prepare a well formatted content and acquire good grades at your university level. We hope that this article will help you in acquiring all the required information regarding CMOS and AP.

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