How Difficult is to Write a Literature Review Assignment

Writing a literature review is a challenging task for a student. The task requires students to carry out a critical analysis of the studies and concepts that were shared by writers and researchers that have worked in their field. The core essence is to give a reasonable argument about a specific topic.

In addition, a literature review is needed in almost every paper, no matter what the research paper is about. This is the basic need of every research paper, and almost every student must know how to write it.

The first thing that you need to understand as a student is the real meaning of a literature review. It is said to be basically a critical analysis of all the studies that were carried out in this field. One of the most important things you need to consider is, you should not consider literature review assignment and literature review as one and the same thing, as they are entirely different.

In the literature review assignment, the writer has to work on the critical analysis. On the other hand, the literature review is just the reflection of the literature that was presented before to justify new research.

So why is it difficult to write a literature review assignment?

The very first reason that makes it difficult is the strict time limits it has to meet. Also, developing the process of developing the literature review is bulky and burdensome, which makes it a complicated task. A literature review writing process needs a lot of reading, finding out how to summarize all the text together in a specific manner, make the content short and convincing, and then synthesizing it.

Reading a bulk of the material is not an easy task if you have a deadline waiting for you.  Also, summarizing the ideas that you already know in the manner that supports your research paper is not an easy task. Another thing that complicates this is the referencing style you need to adapt to make it more authentic. These can be APA, Harvard, any other format that is suggested by the professor.

All these tasks cannot be done in a rush. Moreover, the most difficulty arises when a student is asked to do a literature review on a topic with which he or she is not familiar. Not doing any research about the topic or not having any idea of how this can be done also makes the task challenging.

But there is nothing to worry about as a little practice and research will help you to develop a compelling literature review.

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