Importance of Footnotes for a Research Paper

Footnotes help in indicating the originality, authenticity, and relevance of the data gathered for research. It provides an insight to the readers regarding the research undertaken by the writer and further enables them to refer the cited sources just in case they want to acquire more information. The footnotes in a research paper are the ways in which a source is cited within the text of an article. It is considered as a substitute for citation. It is a reference, explanation, or comment, which is placed underneath the main text on a published page. These are recognized in the text by a figure or as a symbol.  

It is important for you to understand that footnotes are an essential element, which you should write in a careful manner for composing an effective assignment. These notes will help your readers understand the various resources that you have used so that they can authenticate your research work. Besides, they are a mean of citing the sources for adding enormous value to your writing. That is the reason why you should write to them very prudently to make your work worth full. Also, footnotes hold a great significance in your assignment writing work.  

Importance of Footnotes  

  1. Footnotes specify the legitimacy, uniqueness, and relevance of the data collected from research. 
  1. They give the reader an understanding of the research commenced by the writer and can permit them to further refer to the sources mentioned in it for more information. 
  1. Research paper footnotes are essential and obliging in providing support to a specific claim maid in a text of the writing. 
  1. They also exemplify to the tutor the comprehensiveness and the amount of research done by the writer. 
  1. It is with the help of footnote citations that your lecturer or reader gets to assess the information, skills, knowledge, and research abilities of yours. 
  1. Footnotes have similar importance as a bibliography page of your research paper. Both of these are important chunks of any research paper as it provides assistance to the writer’s form being accused of any plagiarism issue. 

Tips for Writing Effective Footnotes 

  • The first thing you are required to do is to make a footer at the end of every paper. 
  • The footer is required to contain a list of all the sources that have been referred to while the research was done for writing the content of that specific page.  
  • Keep track of all the referred sources at the time of research so that you can easily write it while creating the notes. 
  • The writing style of the notes should be similar to the style that you have followed while writing the other parts of the assignment. 
  • Remember that you can use the shortened version of footnotes when you want to reduce the clutter in your paper. 
  • Make sure to place the footnote properly at the end of each paper so that the reader can find it easily.  
  • You can write the footnotes in number referencing index, in which you have to mention the number at the end of every paragraph or sentence, which is corresponding to the referred source written in the footnote. 
  • You can also write the footnotes in alphabetic referencing index, in which you have to write alphabets in the place of numbers. 

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