Steps to Write an Excellent Article Review

Article reviews are excellent literary devices implemented to assess the applicability of the data provided in a data set. The following article will highlight the meaning, importance, and need for writing an article review. Furthermore, it will also present the key steps required to write an excellent article review.


Article reviews provide the necessary insights into the discoveries, evaluations, and assertions provided in a text, which is used to formulate supporting arguments and implications for further research. In other words, it is a form of writing where you summarize and assess another author’s work. It subsumes a logical evaluation of the central theme of an article.

Need for an Article Review

The introduction of the Internet has opened channels to vast amounts of data and knowledge. However, most of this knowledge might prove irrelevant to the topic you’re concerned with. Hence, there is an urgent need to select and analyze the studies that have the right scientific relevance. This is where an article review comes in. The analytical evaluation of an article written by another author allows us to identify the hypotheses proposed by the author, their implications, theories, and gaps, which might prove invaluable for the user’s future developments. A scientific research journey involves searching for relevant knowledge and applying it to uncover new data. Hence, specialized journals are invaluable resources for scientists and researchers.

The methodology utilized to evaluate and review articles depends upon their provenance. For example, a biological article will be reviewed differently than a psychology paper. However, there are a few key steps to follow while performing an article review, and they are enlisted below.

  1. Identify the publication

The formal relevance of the publisher of an article will speak volumes of its viability. Remember, a good article that should be reviewed will have a few required characteristics. Traditional popularity, strong citations used, and a strict peer review system are necessary. The publisher with a narrower thematic focus leads to better results.

  1. Author

A well-known author establishes trust and interest. Choosing the right article for review is important for the success of an article review, and a popular author improves these odds. A paper authorized by a grant will hold additional value as it has passed a justified, competitive evaluation.

  1. Annotation

Before you continue with your review, it is important that the main hypotheses and statements are mentioned at the start of the review.

  1. Relevancy and Novelty

Most scientific journals necessitate the author to highlight the relevancy and originality of their work in a separate section. However, when writing an article, it is important that the reader understands the issues addressed in the review beforehand. Hence, mention these important points in brief at the start of the review.

  1. Theme Consistency

It is important for the review article to match the original article in terms of theme, style, the terminology used, and textual integrity. As the review is a highly compressed summary of a larger text, it is vital for the review not to lose the essence of the original, for that would create a negative outlook for the original’s author.

  1. Structure

Make sure that your article review has a clear structure and logic of presentation. For example, the hypothesis mentioned in the beginning should be adequately described, and the conclusions lucidly explained.

  1. Methodology

The key step to follow while doing an article review is to adhere to a strict methodology. Only a well-defined methodology will provide the reviewer with authority to form theories and draw conclusions from the literature studied.

  1. Critical Analysis

The final step in writing a good article review is to analyze the data chosen critically. Finally, the review should assess the theoretical and practical implications of the data it has referred to. This includes highlighting the radical knowledge gained, enlisting the prime beneficiaries of the review, and the viability of the practical applications of the theories formulated.

Great reviews allow an unbiased, objective understanding of the assessed issues at the international level. Furthermore, they enable the reader to gain insights into the esoteric implications of a study without reading comprehensive papers. Therefore, follow the aforementioned key steps to write excellent article reviews. If this article was unable to remove the ambiguity surrounding the requirements of an article review in your mind, then kindly consult our expert academicians for further aid.