Top 5 Bibliography Tips

Adding an annotated bibliography to any kind of academic writing is like adding glory to it. The bibliography has the utmost importance in any writing without which validating the writing is not possible. For any research that needs to be complete and intact, the writer must give credit to the sources from which support and help have been taken. Every writing that undergoes the scope of any professor gets evaluated based on research and the annotated bibliography present in the paper. Bibliography also means that the steps taken in creating the research paper have valid sources and a thorough check has been done to validate it.  

5 tips on writing a perfect bibliography: 

Taking important steps to determine the format and style: 

Before proceeding to create the paper it is always recommended to determine the style and format which is going to be used. There are many styles and formats available in which the paper has to be created like the American Psychological Association (APA) is a popular format used for many research papers in the field of science and technology. This format offers consistency for the writer whenever a citation is made. This also protects the writer from serious accusations like plagiarism and many issues. 

Making Important Notes:  

Note-making is a crucial step toward creating a successful research paper. From the very start, the note-making practice has to be inculcated in the writer to complete the writing in an orderly fashion. Notes can be made on small notepads or sticky notes or make a document on the computer and enter the notes. Note-making helps the writer to take ideas while writing the paper. 

Various paths of sources:  

While creating a paper in the present scenario the writer has the power of the internet. The Internet gives the writer a larger scope of sources and multiple links to generate ideas while writing.  

Types of bibliography 

There are various segments when it comes to the citation as the writing can be of any domain like writing for an interview, online content, newspaper article, etc. which changes both the style and source of annotating the bibliography. So it is important to decide the domain of writing and accordingly cite the source in the paper. 


Every writer needs to keep in mind that any source that has been cited in the paper has to be valid with proof that determines the success of the paper. 

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