Why do we Cite? & How does referencing help in making your paper effective?


Do you find referencing a daunting task? Well, it is quite an important thing to be addressed in your research papers. It helps you in making the work more authorized and attractive when you use works of other researchers to present your arguments.  

Citing and referencing information can sometimes be exhausting for students when they are not familiar with the citing principles.   

There are abundant ways to cite.  Various associations, departments or lecturers might need numerous styles such as Harvard, APA, MLA, Chicago and more – check with your lecturer if you are unsure.  

Bad referencing is a common way for students to lose marks in assignments, it is worth both time and effort to learn how to reference correctly.  

Why Do We Cite and Reference? 

When writing assignments for your studies, academic papers outlining our research or reports for work, you need to highlight your use of other author’s ideas and words so that you: 

  • Give the original author credit for their own ideas and work 
  • Validate your arguments 
  • Enable the reader to follow up on the original work if they wish to 
  • Enable the reader to see how dated the information might be 
  • Prove to your tutors/lecturers that you have read around the subject 
  • Avoid plagiarism 

How does it help? 

The major benefit of good referencing is that it authenticates the originality of the source from where we have taken our subject matter. The matter can be in the form of words, visuals, audios, numerals, facts etc. It also shows how deeply we have understood the topic on which we are working. It also recognizes the writer and his work because he or she should also be accredited for what they have done. It is an act to pay respect for the hard work and dedication and the efforts one has put into the research work. 

Impression of Readers 

When we provide references our readers can also analyse the information given by us on the basis of the original source. They can cross check the details from the original document. This helps us them to make an understanding of what we are trying to say in the research project and how far we are able to achieve our goal. It also helps us to support our facts in favour or in against of the said topic. When we present the true facts people can judge that how correctly we are to comprehend things in a dynamic way without losing the originality of the topic under consideration. 

Sometimes readers want to go beyond what we have mentioned in our research projects. They want to go further in the topic and want some more information. Referencing helps a lot in this as researchers can be provided with more information of their use from the original source. 

HARVARD Being the Most Popular AMONG ALL 

Harvard style of referencing is very popular among college and university students. In this also the two basic requirements is in-text citations and reference list. When we quote something directly from a resource it is in-text citations. When we mention the resources referred in our research at the end of our assignment it is known as reference list. It also gives the full description of the sources which we have used in our project. 

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