Why Is Proofreading Important?


Have you ever thought that you send an invitation to about 1000 people for an event happening on 29th November 2019, and after sending the invitation you come to know that by mistake you wrote December in place of November, what will happen then? You have to call each and every person and tell them the correct month. A similar thing can also happen with your academic writing. Therefore, it is important to proofread each and everything you wrote before sending it or submitting it to anyone.  

Furthermore, proofreading is considered significant because we are often unaware, careless, ignorant, or blind to errors, faults, bad grammar, poorly constructed sentences, poor layout of paragraphs, improper use of correct punctuation, and typing or spelling errors. Before acquiescing or printing an essay, academic paper, research paper, memo, email, or any other written document, it is very essential to read it one or two times prudently. Proofreading of the written document is the concluding step, which must be taken previously, declaring any document complete. 

While reading a document, make sure to read it gradually and carefully so that you can determine whether or not it deliberates its message, and the reader can get a clear understanding of what the author wants to say. If the heading of the paper or its introductory paragraph does not visibly indicate the intent of the paper or if the writing that follows does not logically support the flow from the introduction, you might rewrite those sections of your writing. If the research does not appear to confirm what you are endeavouring to convey, you might think to reconsider your thesis or may need to organize further research. 

Once that portion of the proofreading procedure, the overall editing, has been done, it is time for you to accomplish a more challenging analysis of the paper. During this fragment of the proofreading process, you should hunt for mistakes in spelling, wrong usage of the word, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. In any case, badly written content may not effectively communicate its message to the reader. In another step, you may also ask a friend or mentor to read the paper. Such type of proofreading is a ‘four-eye process’ of scrutinizing the writing and structural errors. This method is called the four-eye process for the reason that an additional person’s pair of eyes get to read and review the first person’s written content. Habitually, the second reading will persuade that person to correct the use of words, phrases, and paragraphs to express their written work differently, basically just because you may have expressively exaggerated in the course of your initial drafting process. 

Usually, a lot of people undervalue and misjudge the importance of proofreading and solely choose to skip it, generally due to their deadline constraints. What they don’t recognize is that a detailed reviewed article or writing can make a huge difference between exceptional writing and mediocre writing, which attracts more readers to read. On the other hand, if you are making the content for publication, occupational purposes, or academic use, proposing a document that has not been proofread can harm your reputation, as it will certainly include errors. Thus, proofreading is important to make sure about the precision, extensiveness, and correctness of your written or typed content. 

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