Why is Referencing Important ?


Referencing is known for giving credit to someone for using their work, ideas, and thoughts in order to complete our research activity. Referencing provides support in acquiring the novelty of the ideas and thoughts used in conducting research. It is an essential part of writing at university since it enhances the shared information of all involved in an academic area. However, using another person’s ideas in your academic writing devoid of an appropriate acknowledgment is viewed as a method of intellectual dishonesty. Referencing also improves your writing and supports your readers by: 

  • Screening the extensiveness of your research 
  • Solidification your academic argument 
  • Representing your knowledge of academic requirements 
  • Recognizing and gratifying others for their contribution 
  • Displaying the sources of your information to the readers 
  • Consenting your readers to refer your sources autonomously 
  • Permitting your readers to authenticate your provided information. 

There are various types of referencing styles used in writing an academic essay. Specific referencing styles are favored by specific academic disciplines as they work better with the type of writing that is frequently used in that particular discipline. The types of referencing style include:  

  • APA (American Psychological Association) style is usually known as the author-date style.  
  • MLA referencing style includes the name of the author along with page number. 
  • Harvard style is usually used in colleges and universities. It is also an author-date style. 
  • Chicago style uses notes, bibliography, and author-date. 

Importance of Referencing in Academic Writing 

Those students who have done assignment writing in their graduation period knows how important referencing is. It is essential to provide references every time you take information from another person’s writing to complete your assignment. The chief advantage of virtuous referencing is that it validates the ingenuity of the source from where the subject matter is taken. The information can be in the form of visuals, words, facts & figures, audios, numerals, etc. It also demonstrates how intensely you have gained knowledge about the topic on which you are working. Furthermore, referencing is important because: 

  • It is an act to give respect to the writer for his hard work, dedication, and efforts he has made on his research work. 
  • Your readers can analyze the information provided by you on the basis of the original source. 
  • They can cross-check the details given in the original document and it helps in making them understand what you are trying to say and depict in your research. 
  • It also supports your facts in favor of or against the topic chosen.  
  • Referencing is valuable as it avoids the chances of plagiarism and saves you from the copyright infringement issue. 
  • By citing professionals in your area, you are displaying your field that you are cognizant of and in which you are working.  
  • Your citations will help you in mapping the area of your discipline and consent you to steer your way with the help of your chosen field of study. 
  • To make your reference more accurate, it is essential for you to keep a record of all the sources you have used while reading and researching for an assignment. It will also help in making your assignment more persuasive.  

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