7 Steps in Writing a Research Paper Enjoying Your Student Life

Are you writing a research paper and finding it challenging to find ways to write a paper effectively? You must be aware that writing a research paper is a complicated and time-consuming task. As it is essential and makes up a large part of the student’s grade in all classes, you need to write a research paper in an appropriate manner. To create a good paper, you need to have good written communication skills. That’s why you need to work hard to master the art of paper writing. If you are not sure where to start, this article will help you to learn about effective strategies that make this process as simple as possible. 

Tips to Write a Research Paper 

  • Choose an Impressive Topic: If your professor has not given you a topic of the assignment, then choose your topic wisely. Choose a challenging topic that you are interested in. Do not select topics that are too technical or general. Select a broad topic and narrow it down through particular aspects, concepts, or ideas and make it specific and manageable. Also, write your title in an exciting way. Remember that Writing a research paper with exciting content catches the eyes of the readers, but first comes the proper and eye-catchy title of the research paper, which grabs the attention of the reader. 
  • Write a Working Thesis Statement: Prepare a working thesis before you actually organize your research as it will guide your study and will further help you stay focused on your subject. Remember that your thesis statement should be concise and reflect the type of paper you are writing. All research papers can be divided into three categories: 
  • Argumentative or persuasive if you are arguing the conclusion; 
  • Expository while explaining the information; 
  • Analytical while you write about your analysis of specific information. 
  • Do Thorough Research on Your Topic: Try to find both secondary and primary sources on the topic of your paper, cautiously read all of them, and recognize appropriate substantiation to support your writing. At this part, remember to evaluate your sources, take notes, and start documenting your sources according to a citation style specified by your instructor. Your criteria can be APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, and others. Make sure you use the latest edition of a specific style guide. Make sure to cite all sources that you used for quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing to avoid plagiarism. 
  • Create a good Outline: We assume that your research will give you plenty of ideas. Now you need to organize them for your impressive presentation. Make an outline so that your project may focus on essential sections, and you can draft all your thoughts. You need to finalize your thesis and create a working outline that you plan to cover, and that will keep you focused.  Think of the critical points that you’ll need to develop to support your thesis statement. While creating the outline, remember that a research paper has a specific structure, which consists of the following headings: 
    • Title page 
    • Abstract 
    • Introduction 
    • Methodology section 
    • Findings/results 
    • Discussion 
    • Conclusion 
  • Create a Draft: After outlining, you need to start your writing work. Write your title and introduction in a way that interests the readers and encourages them to read the complete document. Also, list the keywords that present your topic, the method you used, and the results achieved. Then write your body part and conclusion. Effectively add in-text citation and reference page at the end. 
  • Revise, Proofread, and Edit: After completing your writing part, revise your paper by checking the logic, flow, transitions, and order of paragraphs. Proofread it properly and edit the incomplete sentences, dangling modifier, confused words, spelling and grammar mistakes, and eliminate contractions. Re-read it several times, or you can also ask your peers or professors to review it.  

Follow these simple tips and step for creating your research paper. It will help you in writing accurately along with enjoying your student life. We understand that writing a research paper is a tricky task, but writing it several times will increade your speed, and you will deliver a quality paper.  

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