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Academic paper writing is considered to be a very stimulating task. Starting from topic search to, content research and writing to proofreading, everything is to be done by an individual which makes academic assignments tedious. Therefore, planning plays an important role in assignment completion. With proper planning you get to understand the requirements better and find sufficient time to manage the research and writing task. Given below are the five basic steps involved in assignment planning. Have a look. 

Step 1 : Planning and analysis:  

The first and foremost step after getting an assignment is to make sure that you understand what you are expected to do and elaborate your approach towards doing it. Make sure to answer the asked question in an elaborate manner. Keeping this perspective in mind, the first step is to analyze and accordingly plan the framework of the content. IT involves exploring your task, creating a structure, and sorting out all the keywords that would best describe your topic of discussion. IT is very essential to stick to the instructions specified in the task and accordingly conduct your research on the subject matter.  

Step 2 : Research and Assessment or related information: 

The next step is to analyze your level of knowledge on the topic and find out areas that need extensive research. After analyzing the same, begin the search process thereby making sure the usefulness of searched content. It is recommended to check the relevance, reliability and accuracy of the information.  

Step 3 : Making proper notes while reading the content 

Now that you have found out which material to refer to while creating the content, the next step is to read it carefully and to collect the required information form that data. In case if you are referring a book then first read the chapter title, and accordingly decide which one suits you the best. In case if you are covering a journal, then it is better to read the abstract first since that will assist you in deciding whether it is worth reading or not. Next, read the introduction as it will also help you get the overall gist of the content. Read the conclusion part next, so as to get the whole idea of the summary. IT is always good to make small notes while you read these sections.  

Step 4 : Begin Writing your Content  

After collecting all the data and making the notes, the next step is to begin writing the content by answering what is being asked in the requirement. Reproach your framework and make sure to follow the same. Begin with an introduction, specifying how you will approach the question. After finishing the introduction, continue with the main body wherein you have to mention the ideas and supporting pieces of evidence that support our ideas. Finally, write a small conclusion addressing the process you followed while answering your questions. Always remember to paraphrase, summarise and add references for an influential writing. 

Step 5 : Re assessment and submission of the assignment: 

The last and final step is to proofread your work carefully, thereby making sure that there is no grammar or spelling mistake. Recheck whether you have answered all the asked questions, make sure to follow the word count, number of references and citations to be added. Finally, if you are satisfied with the entire content, then you are good to go and submit your assignment.  

Hence by following all the above mentioned steps, you will definitely be able to create a perfect assignment that would eventually help you score good grades in examinations.  

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