Best ways to write a Research Paper

Do you have no clue about how to approach your thought-provoking research paper? Well, the key to understanding research paper writing is to enhance your basic writing skills and learn to structure the paper and produce the most relevant content. If you are trying hard to achieve utmost excellence and perfection in your research paper skillsgo through the below article to know more about the practical approaches to be adopted to write your research paper tactfully, making it more result oriented. At assignment friend we have a team of highly qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced writers who will assist you in providing best dissertation writing service

Step 1: Topic Selection:  

Sometimes colleges do provide an option to select from multiple topics, then choose your topic wisely. If the topic is too wide ranging your research paper may not be as effective as it should be, as it will be more like a general overview. It is highly recommended to select the topic that is neither too wide nor to narrow, as you have to streamline the topic to a central aspect, concept and make it manageable and to the point.  

Step 2: Create a working Thesis Statement:  

The next step is to create a working thesis before conducting the research, which would act as a base while conducting the investigation. The thesis statement must be brief to give readers an idea of the kind of paper they are approaching.  

Mostly the research papers are categorized into three groups: 

  • Argumentative or influential: whether you have to argue or raise a point in the conclusion; 
  • Explanatory: where you have to describe about the main topic of concern; 
  • Investigative: Where you have to present your study of some specific information. 

To be precise, the thesis statement must be arguable and fine, and all your claims must be supported by a proof or an evidence 

Step 3: Research on the topic: 

It is one of the most essential steps. You need to explore some credible sources from where you can gather information on the subject matter of the paper, read it carefully and accordingly find the related evidence that supports your thesis. In this step, you must evaluate your foundation, make notes, and subsequently start documenting your sources as per the citation style that is specified by your instructor (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.) 

Step 4 Create a good outline:  

Your outline must cover the below mentioned sub heads:  

  • Title page; 
  • Abstract; 
  • Introduction; 
  • Approach section; 
  • Discoveries/outcomes; 
  • Description/ Discussion; 
  • Conclusion. 

Step 5: Create the First research Draft:  

Writing the first draft begins with:  

  • Writing the introduction. 
  • Writing the Body Paragraphs 
  • Finally writing the conclusion. 

Writing the first draft with full perfection can be a bit challengingAnd to make it possible and accordingly receive good grades in your paper it is highly recommended to revise your draft. 

Step 6: Revise Edit and Proofread:  

Revise your draft thoroughly. You may have to revise your project, so be prepared for that because it is really worth going for. The next stage is editing, which involves checking and eliminating the filler words and incomplete sentences, dangling modifiers, spelling and grammar check, and others 

All in all, adopting all the above mentioned steps will help you create the most productive research paper in less time.  

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