How Can You Turn Your Dissertation or Paper into a Publication?


Are you grappling with your project? Do you have to write a fool-proof and flawless dissertation on your project? Do you want it to be published alongside? You simply cannot get your dissertation published unless it is well-written from the first page to the last page and is proof-read enough times. But, you do not need to be apprehensive and fretful over this  

Well, let’s get you some tips that will keep your boat sailing. Take a look at the below mentioned tips: 

  • Check Whether Your Subject is Compelling 

You might think, what is the purpose of a captivating subject for publication? but; it is as important as your writing style. If the subject of research is compelling, novel and authentic then, there is a greater probability that it can get published earlier. 

  • Choose Your Genre of Publication 

It is the time when your flawless project is ready to be published. Now, you have reached the stage where you have to choose the type of publication you want for your research writing. It could be an academic textbook, a journal article, a thesis, academic monograph or what not. In short, you must be clear regarding your genre. 

  • Your Paper should be Autonomous and Self-Contained 

Your paper or dissertation should be written in a form that it holds peculiarity. The content of your dissertation should be self-reliant along with the other citations. It is obvious that it will base on the past researches and papers but it must provide extension to the existing work to add value to the bulk of researches. On the other hand, if your research is inductive then, it is a cherry on the top as it will contribute enormously to the society and will pave the path for the future researchers. 

  • Re-Check the Language of Your Writing 

This is an inevitable step and you have to keep in mind that you are going to target a wide range of audience and you have to cater them all. You have to make it sure that you are hitting the right strings through your writing. Through keeping a check on the language you can make sure that it is not offensive to any of your readers from the respected audience. You have to revise your dissertation or paper for any offensive language, jargons, slang words or complicated language. If you are addressing a specific group then, it is absolutely fine to use complex language but; if you target is masses the, you should simplify the language that can be deciphered to a common man or at least to a person who has similar interest. 

  • Market Awareness 

Your dissertation or paper is deemed as an intellectual accomplishment and achievement but after publication, it will be treated as a commodity. If you are getting it published in a book form then, you must do a market research to know what kind of audience prefers your subject of interest. 

  • Impress the Committee 

Do you think that you have an impressive personality? Well, most of these claims fail when you encounter the assessment committee of your Ph.D. So, you have to impress the assessment committee to get your Ph.D. degree because they are the ones who are going to approve everything. But wait! You have to please the press to get it published. It is a well-known fact that these are enervating tasks but, you ought to do it for a great career. 


Ultimately, let go of everything and move with the flow. Once, your dissertation gets published, you are a valuable resource of this society. You must be proud of yourself on achieving such a milestone but, do not forget to be grateful to the ones who were there through every up and down of your errand. So, show some gratitude towards them as they are your true assets.  

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