How To Write A Thesis Summary? Quick Tips That Can Help

A thesis summary is a condensed version of a long piece of writing that includes a lot of topics with descriptive content that is composed in the body section of the paper. Precisely, a summary is a form of an abstract with an overview of all the essential points that are relevant to the topic of the thesis. It gives a chance to the readers to understand what is written in the complete paper and enable them to decide whether they want to go for it or not.

Importance of a Thesis Summary

A summary and conclusion is an important part of the complete thesis as it makes the paper wholesome. Both the conclusion and the summary helps in serving the purpose of providing the audience with an overview of what the content is all about and what they should expect while continuing with it. This is the reason why students are insisted on by the professor to write a summary while drafting their thesis. Note that a summary can also be written while planning or taking notes, as it is a precise way of including everything that needs to be incorporated in the write-up. When writing any paper, you can depend on these points as a reference for the final assignment. It allows you to abbreviate broad information in a defined way so that you can explain it and present the relevant data with sources that align with your topic.

You can also summarize your thesis in the introduction part by presenting a brief and concise overview of the main idea of the discussion. You need to consider that the length of the thesis summary should not be more than 100-200 words; however, it also depends on the complexity of your chosen topic and the total length of the complete paper. The more composite the thesis subject is, the longer the summary can be.

What Things to be included in the Summary

The summary mainly focuses on simplifying and shortening the elaborated content by giving an overview of the major points. But, when it comes to the thesis summary, it is important to consider a few components that are vital for the arrangement of the section. From seizing the main idea of mentioning the supporting points that are intertwined in the write-up, you need to create an exceptional thesis summary that can help you get good marks in your academic career.

Many students get confused by a thesis summary with an analysis. Precisely, an analysis gives an insight into the techniques, ideas, and meaning of the written text with the help of a discussion. It is assessing the content that is in the summary of the thesis. While, on the other hand, a thesis summary does not analyze the thoughts in the text. Also, it is in no part of the process of analysis.

Following are the primary elements that are required to be included in the thesis summary –

  • Title
  • Main purpose
  • Main topic
  • Research methods for collecting the information
  • Sub-sections
  • Recommendations, results, and conclusions.

How to Write an Executive Summary for a Thesis

  • Write one sentence for each paragraph.
  • Add one sentence for the introduction part and one for the conclusion.
  • The entire summary should be within a paragraph.
  • Proofread and rearrange your paragraph to ensure the right flow.
  • Eliminate repetitive points.
  • The final summary needs to be complete, coherent and unified.

How to Write a Thesis Summary for a PhD.

  • Group the paragraphs that focus primarily on your chosen topic of the thesis. Also, list down the supporting points. Break the content into sections and then outline each one of them.
  • Write one or two sentences for each paragraph.
  • Compose a sentence for the introduction and conclusion part.
  • Look for the topic sentences that can guide you.
  • Write a paragraph that can help you get started with a summary. Following this will be the sentences that summarize each section of your thesis.
  • Proofread and rearrange the paragraph and the sentences to make the text concise and clear.
  • Eliminate any repeaters and relative points to maintain a flow in summary.
  • The final summary should include the supporting points in a coherent and unified way.

In order to write a great thesis summary, you need to work on your skills. Read each part of your summary to make sure that it is appealing. Also, ensure that the main elements of your thesis guide are in a flawless way.

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