Length Of The Sentence In A Research Paper

Although the requirements specified by the administration usually determines the length of the research paper. Defining the length of each sentence in the research paper might be a very tricky task sometimes, making sure that the Essay looks well balanced. One has to constantly keep this thing in mind that the sentences are not framed too small. Otherwise, they will look empty, choppy and meaningless. On the other hand, one has also to ensure not to bore the reader by framing too long and extended sentences.  

Hence it is very essential to find a perfect balance between too long and too short sentences. One must follow the average number of words per sentence strategy while framing the same. Mentioned herewith is some information that would help in determining the ideal length of sentences in any form of academic writing:  

The length of the sentences does matter a lot when it comes to Creative writing and copywriting. Such type of writing prefers short sentences. 

On the contrary Academic writing depends on the requirements specified in the paper. It is more inclined towards following the pre set rules and stick to the recommended structure. Academic writing is much formal as compared to another type of text. When it comes to academic writing, there must be a perfect balance between readability and credibility, as both play a predominant role. The sentences must neither be too long nor too short. Experts suggest that the sentences must not exceed 15 to 20 words per sentence.  

Students must avoid using unnecessary words in order to comply with the assignment’s word limit. Instead, they must focus on the quality of the content as they would be marked on the basis of content quality not its length. Hence in the case of academic writing, the sentences must be clear and brief. But the students have to makes sure not to create too short sentences as it could indicate their level of incompetence. The best strategy is to connect all the small sentences with one another by using conjunctions and other punctuations. 

Although the length of the sentences might seem to be a small issue, it sometimes endangers the actual quality of the paper. Too short sentences might seem as if the writing is lacking seriousness; on the contrary super extended sentences might seem boring and forgettable to the readers. Hence ideal sentence must warp up between 15 to 20 words. Also, it is totally acceptable if the sentences exceed this word limit so as to maintain the diversity of the content. 

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