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An essay is a piece of writing, which represents one’s argument and supports a thesis. It is a task that every student has to complete in order to learn and illustrate the writing ability to the teacher. When a person writes an essay, he makes a case for the validity of a specific interpretation, analysis, point of view, and set of procedures. 

Types of Essays 









Steps to Create an Essay 

  • Structure CreationBefore writing an essay, it is essential to think and create an outline. It helps in logically delivering appropriate information and provide guidance, starting from the introduction to the conclusion. 
  • Analytical ApproachWhile creating an essay, it is necessary to introduce and analyze the topic from different angles. You are required to arrange the elements of the essay in proper way to effectively reach the reader.    
  • Facts usage to support conclusionsNot including the facts will make your essay useless and of low level. It is necessary to include facts in your essay to make it more academic, professional, and to gain the attention of the readers. 
  • Proper grammar and punctuationA successful essay requires proper grammar and punctuation. You must pay attention to the correct punctuation and words as they impact on the denotation of the sentences and the whole essay. 

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