Tips to Write a Character Reference Paper

A character reference paper is often required by the Universities or employers many a times from the candidates. This paper is important for an individual as it can make or break the career of a professional. Aim of this paper is to really know the person behind all the things that are mentioned in a resume. 

A candidate character paper must be crafted carefully as it can make or break the career of an individual. But it is important to have an overview of what exactly is a character paper before writing it for someone. 

Character Reference Paper Defined 

A candidate reference paper is written to define a candidate’s qualities as they have experienced working or studying with them. Not only the employers, sometimes, the Universities in which a candidate is seeking an admission also requires a character certificate to evaluate their personal behavior and outlook towards people as well as the environment in which they are operating.  

A character reference letter is also known as the personal reference letter as it based on the personal opinions of a person about a candidate. This letter needs to be developed by someone who have known the candidate since a long time. Therefore, it can be written by a family member, or a friend, a teacher, or a coach.    

Elements of a Reference Paper 

  • The duration for which the writer has known the candidate along with the relationship with the candidate.
  • One or multiple strong qualities that will help the candidate get the admission in the university or the job position that they are seeking from a business. 
  • An example of the quality that they have mentioned about the candidate will add value to the claims that have been made about the candidate.
  • The writer of the character reference paper must provide their contact information towards the end of the letter. This will help the employer or the university to contact with the writer for any further details. 

Quick Tips for Writing the Character reference Letter 

The character reference letter will play an important role in the career development for a candidate. Therefore, it should be ensured that it is written in a highly positive way. It should also be an honest opinion about the candidate. Here are some of the additional tips that should be used to write a character reference paper.   

  • Information about the purpose: Before writing the reference letter for a candidate, one need to have the complete information of the job they are applying for or the university degree that they have applied for. This will give an idea about the qualities that are required to match the requirements of the reference paper. In this manner you could effortlessly cross-reference the pleasant of the candidate with the characteristics required for the process.
  • To the point: The character reference paper must never brag about the person for which it is written. They must state the qualities of the candidate for which you have written the letter. The overall document must appear genuine to the reader.
  • It is important to mention how you know the Candidate: Writer of the letter must mention how they know the candidate for whom they are writing. This information will make the letter genuine.
  • Formal way of writing: To make the letter most appealing, it is important that the letter is written in the most formal way. It should follow a formal business format.
  • Edit and Send: The reference letter must be proofread and edited before it is sent to the respective recipient. This will give you a chance to spot any issues and make the necessary corrections.
  • It should be short: You must make sure that the content covered in the character reference paper is short. Avoid making it too lengthy as the reader might not be able to give it a lot of time in reading it. It can be as short as below 200 words to make it to the point and crisp. 

These all are the things that you have to keep in mind when you are writing a character reference paper or requesting someone to